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Video productions, stock library, and services for the photography, video and multimedia industries.

  Living in San Diego from 1979 to 1988, John studied photography at UCSD, shot surfing photos, and worked as a commercial assistant for many of the West Coast’s top photographers. In August of 1988, Surfing Magazine offered John an increase in his retainer if he would consider moving to the North Shore of Oahu. Agonizing for seconds, he agreed.


He landed on Oahu and moved into a house on Waimea Bay with legendary surfers Mark Foo and Mike Latronic. For the following twenty years he earned a modest living and became an internationally recognized name in surf photography.  Stalking the waves of Sunset Beach, Backdoor Pipeline, and Waimea, he produced hundreds of editorial pages, and  over a dozen covers, shot from in the water.  He developed a close relationship with Mike Waggoner of Essex Surf Housings, and helped improve designs, and devise tactics for shooting the massive waves of the Oahu’s outer reefs.


JB filled and retired three passports visiting Canada, Iceland, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Fiji, Tahiti, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, Spain, Portugal, France, China, Indonesia, Melanesia, Mauritius, Singapore, Japan.


Since 2001 Kitesurfing has been his passion. Able to ride waves, avoid crowds, and enjoy power and speed like never before, JB enjoys the relative solitude riding North Shore waves with his kite.  Now a staff photographer at Kiteworld Magazine, John has gone on to become one of the most respected photographers in this sport as well.


With his wife Alexis, Bilderback Productions filmed and released two full length kitesurfing videos, The Kite Movie - Lines, and Big Windy, and John has begun his secondary career as a videographer. He has worked on TV productions for MTV, Fuel TV, Nat Geo, and contributed footage to productions by Jack McCoy and Warren Miller.


In addition to an extensive resume of aerial work, John has a studio on the North Shore and does commercial  work for dozens of clients, ranging from Athleta to Xcel and Pacific Instruments to Patagonia.