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Versatile Mountains moved, oceans drained
Professional 30 years of professional experience
John Bilderback Photography When your image really counts

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Diverse skill set, built-in.

From shooting big northwest swells in the water at Sunset Beach to intricate studio product shots, to traveling with the Hokule'a and the Polynesian Voyaging Society, my life's work teaches me versatility, and I'm always learning.

Hōkūleʻa and The Worldwide Voyage.

My current work includes a four year book project for Patagonia, where I'm doubly blessed to be shooting alongside writer Jennifer Allen, and honored to be among and alongside the incredible crew of Hōkūleʻa . Our book will be available in mid 2017.

Features my surfing work over decades on the North Shore as a Senior Staff Photographer for SURFER Magazine, and where you can see my latest work in kitesurfing photography.

       Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you still shoot surfing?

On assignment and when its giant. Otherwise I leave the fun to others.

What is this, kitesurfing?

No crowds, no waiting, and no stink-eye. Plus you can do massive airs anywhere you want. And,  yes,  you can get barreled.

Do you sell prints?

YES !! My new online print page is up! Go to "Works" and click on the Online Gallery!!

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